How to Empty the Dust Cup Assembly on the Shark Navigator Lift Away

One of the most important jobs in keeping your Shark Navigator Lift Away running at optimal level is to keep the dust cup empty as often as possible.  On this model of upright vacuum cleaner this is an easier task than most of its competitors.

For maximum results, clear the dust cup assembly post use each time.  Although, it doesn’t fill as quickly  as you would think.  But if you are vacuuming for a prolonged period of time it is wise to empty it a few times during its use.

If you are watching closely, empty it when it reaches the ”Max” fill line, making sure to never over fill the dust cup.

OK, here are the steps involved to emptying the dust cup assembly:

  1. Grab the carrying handle then depress the dust cup release to lift away the entire assembly.
  2. Place the entire dust cup assembly down into a trash can or garbage bag that will hold the contents of the debris.
  3. Press the button to release the Dust Cup door.  If the door does not open after pressing then you can use the bottom door tabs for the same result.  Tap on the side of the container to dislodge any particles.  Not too hard or you could damage the assembly.
  4. Finally, snap the dust cup door back in place and return to the cylinder.

After performing these steps all of the dust will NOT be removed.  Don’t worry!  The cyclonic action will sweep the metal screen clear as the dust cup begins to fill again.

There you have it.  Complete step by step instructions to empty the dust cup on the Shark Navigator Lift Away and NV22L.  For more troubleshooting and Shark Navigator NV22L FAQs visit these links.

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