How to Reset the Motor Thermostat on your Shark Navigator Lift Away

Should your Shark Lift Away vacuum overheat the protective motor thermostat will shut off the power. While this would startle most users or even frustrate them but there is a very good reason for the temporary shutdown.

This is actually a safety feature that prevents any unwanted electrocution or accidental fires.

With some quick steps of instruction you will be vacuuming again in no time.

But don’t worry, listed below are the steps involved to reset the thermostat to get your motor running again.

  • First, move the power button to the “O-off” position. 
  • Then unplug the vacuum to prevent any unnecessary shock.
  • Next, take the steps necessary in checking for blockages on the Shark Navigator NV22L or clogs to the hoses and filter connections.
  • Wait until the motor cools for about 45 minutes then plug the vacuum into the wall outlet.
  • Turn the power switch to the “I – ON” position.

The vacuum should start right up and if not call Customer Service at 800-798-7398 for further assistance.

I hope this quick post helps you get back to vacuuming as soon as possible and if you want to see more reviews on the Shark Navigator visit this link Shark Navigator Vacuum Review.